What in the World is TRX?

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Many gyms across the country are investing in TRX equipment to accommodate

for the latest craze in suspension training. It’s a fun and unique workout that consistently

strengthens your core no matter which movement you choose.

So you’re saying Tyrannosaurus Rexes are going to be suspended above me while I do

abdominal crunches?

Uh, no. Don’t be intimidated by all the big, confusing words in its definition. Once you actually

see what TRX equipment looks like it’ll be much easier to understand (so go and Google-Image

it right now!). If you’re still confused, Declare has got all your new favorite work-out questions

What will it do for me? – Build up your muscle endurance, give your entire body an awesome

workout, and oh yeah, give you a six-pack. The best part is that you’re in charge of how easy or

intense you want to exercise since adjusting resistance is all up to you.

How does it work? – By using a combination of gravity and your own bodyweight. There are

over 100 different moves you can choose from to work your arms, legs, and abs. Have fun with

it and bring friends!

Where can I sign up? – At your local gym, provided they have suspension equipment installed.

If not, you can buy your own equipment online, a TRX DVD or hire a personal trainer!

So what in the world does TRX even stand for? – I thought you’d never ask, it’s “Total Body

Resistance Exercise!”

Are you a TRX trailblazer already? Tell us what you thought about the latest exercise craze!

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