Wake Up! Secrets to Becoming a Morning Person

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If you work long hours into the night, or simply put, are a bit of a night owl, getting

up early to start the new day can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be! Check out these tips to

help you become the master of morningtime…

Invest in good coffee – Or, buy your favorite delicious breakfast food. You’re human; food will

always be an incentive! Having something to look forward to when you first wake up will make

you want to wake up.

Schedule early meetings – Ones that you absolutely positively cannot blow off. This way,

you’re forced to be your best sooner rather than later.

Shower first thing – The shock of warm water will get your blood pumping. You’ll feel fresh,

clean and ready for the day. Plus, you can throw some product in your hair and let it air dry the

Trick your snooze button – Are you one of those people that hits snooze five times before

getting out of bed? By the time you turn the alarm clock off, you’re already an hour behind

schedule! If you know you have to be up at 7:00 but normally hit snooze ‘til 7:45, set your alarm

clock even earlier, at 6:00 so by the time the next snooze comes around you’ll be waking up just

Be persistent – Nap during the day if you have time. Go to bed around the same time every

night. Then set your alarm clock and gosh darn it stick to it!

What do you do to make sure you’re an early riser?

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