The WORST Breakfast Foods You Could Eat This Morning

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Good morning! Have you eaten your first meal of the day yet? Before you take

your pick from the pantry, make sure to avoid these dangerous eats…


Bagel & Cream Cheese – Bagels are a popular morning treat.

Unfortunately, they contain a TON of carbohydrates – almost enough to hit a

quarter of your daily intake. Make sure you’re choosing a whole-wheat one and

even spreading (not globbing) on the cream cheese.

Powdered Doughnuts – They just look so helpless staring at you on you’re

a.m. run to Dunkin DonutsTM. Your stomach desperately wants to give them a

home… but you must resist the urge! Those are 330 calories you do NOT want

to bring to the meeting.

Egg & Sausage on a Croissant – Croissants, while buttery and delicious,

are some of the fattiest pastries out there. Combine one with greasy meat, an

egg, and a slab of cheese and you’ve got a recipe for office heartburn.

Blueberry Scone – Eating scones is something I’d imagine French

Renaissance women to indulge on at a tea party. Best leave it to them! Did

you know a StarbucksTM blueberry scone contains 460 calories? I’ll take the

blueberries minus the scone, please!

Sugary Cereals – While they’re extremely tasty, Froot LoopsTM, Reese’s

PuffsTM and Cookie CrispsTM are more like desserts than breakfasts. If it’s

something you won’t feed your kid every morning, why feed it to yourself?

Coffee – Gasp! Coffee made the list? Don’t worry; we’re not trying to deprive

you of the almighty gift to mankind’s mornings. The only way coffee is bad for

you for breakfast is if it’s just that. Just. Coffee. Breakfast is the most important

meal of the day! Pair your coffee with something healthy to eat and you’re ready

to start the day right.

What bad breakfasts do you avoid at all costs? Which are your guilty pleasures?

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