Staying Fit Without an Expensive Gym Membership

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It’s official: summertime is here! And what screams summer more than finger-lickin’ Fourth of July barbecues with the in-laws or multiple pints of Leinenkugels after work with the gal pals? Bikinis. But what’s a girl to do when the gym is too pricy, far, or inconvenient and she still wants to look hot in swimwear?

Take advantage of the weather – When the weather is warm, take your workouts outdoors! Use the MapMyRun app to track your distance around your neighborhood. Take a drive to the nearest school and when the kiddies go home, utilize their track or giant bleachers for stair intervals. Sign up for a fun run or half marathon that will give you a goal.


Watch a workout video – With YouTube at our fingertips, it’s hard not to find fast fitness videos. The Tone it Up girls offer seasonally slimming exercises for every part of the body.  And Fitness magazine’s channel always has a ton of uploads less than ten minutes!


Make it a date – You know what they say, ladies love lunch!  But too many french onion soups and crab cakes can put you over your calorie counter. Make it a point to be active before lunch. Try a Bikram yoga class, take a bike ride, or stroll the city before you begin your gossip-filled meal sesh.  As far as date night with your man goes, put a twist on the old dinner and a movie date and make it dinner and a move!


Join a sports league – Does your office have an after-work softball team? Or maybe you live near the water and there’s a local sand volleyball team. Just because your college days are behind you doesn’t mean intramural sports have to be.  Adults like to play games too.


Buy a Groupon – Rather than signing your body away to a designer gym in a yearlong contract, search Groupon for discounts on trainers, group classes, yoga, hikes and more that last one session or a whole month.  Sometimes, you can find a cheap gym, too. The trick is to look locally.  Plenty of small gyms without the big brand names offer low rates for residents.


Can’t afford the gym? Tell us how you stay in shape below!


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