Late-Night Snacks You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About

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It’s 10p.m. – do you know where your healthy snacks are? Rather than reaching for that big

bowl of popcorn or contemplating calling Domino’s™, grab for one of these delicious and

nutritious foods to hold you over ‘til morning…


Banana – Potassium is supposed to help you catch deep Z’s.


Cheese and crackers – If you’re going to have carbs, pair them with protein.


Cereal with low-fat milk – Just make sure you pick nothing too sugary.


Greek yogurt with berries – Greek yogurt has tons of nutritional value and the fruit a burst of



Dark chocolate – Believe it or not a few bites each day will help lower your blood sugar.

Whole-grain toast – Add peanut butter or apple butter spread for flavor.


Pistachios – Go nuts!


Low-fat vanilla milkshake – Treat yourself with sweets and get an added bonus of calcium.


Hard-boiled egg – Eggs in general are a great source of protein so cook ‘em to order.


Popcorn – OK so I’m totally going against what I wrote above, but if you strip the butter and salt

it’s actually a pretty suitable late-night snack!


Cottage cheese – Eat a cup to feel full and get some probiotics in your system.

Hummus – By now you’ve caught on to the protein pattern I hope!

How could you change your favorite late-night guilty snack into one you feel good about?

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