Is it OK to Work Out More than Once a Day?

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Some of us would like to shed half our thighs by the holidays. Others simply have

an addiction to the “runner’s high.” Still, we’re constantly reprimanded that being a two-a-day

gym rat is not safe. Is there any healthy way to workout multiple times in twenty-four hours?

We break it down for you here…

It’s not about how long you train, but how hard – Remember the old saying “quality over

quantity?” Well it turns out it applies to more than just relationships and chocolate-glazed

doughnuts. You can go to the gym for two hours and really only hit your target heart rate for

twenty minutes. If you’re results driven, make the most of your time at the gym by striving to hit

that special zone, rather than dilly-dallying the night away talking to cute juiceheads.

Space it out and add variety – Not every workout results in dripping sweat. If you wake up

early and want an endorphins boost, make the first workout an intense cardio session. Then,

end your day with something more flexibility focused, like yoga-lates.

Take a day off – While it’s important to go hard, we all need to go home sometimes. Preferably

Sundays so we can have lazy fun watching Netflix. Resting is just as imperative as pushing all

It’s different for everyone – Professional athletes train multiple times a day. Runners training

for a marathon may train twice a day. It all depends on you, your body and what you’re working

If you work out more than once a day, what’s your secret?

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