How To Eat Healthy While Dining Out

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We all love a good home-cooked meal (especially one that mama makes) but from time to time,

we also love a good restaurant-cooked one. Even though cooking our own food means we have

control of what we’re eating, who’s going to give up wining and dining? Dates with girlfriends,

our family, and our men should never put a damper on our diets. Here’s some easy ways to

avoid the extra cals when you’re not in the kitchen…

Drink water – Make your beverage of choice the healthiest one out there. Or, if you’re still in

the mood for some flavor, opt for low-calorie, low-sugar drinks, like unsweetened iced tea.

Whole-wheat or multigrain bread – Whether you’re ordering a BLT or just nibbling on some

pre-entrée bread, always choose something with whole grains.

Eat the salad – It’s always good to start your meal with a delicious, veggie-packed salad.

That way if you fill up fast, you know it’s on nutrition. Just be sure not to overload on dressing,

especially the thick and creamy ones.

Fruit for dessert – To curb your sweet tooth craving at the end of the meal, choose the

seasonal fruit platter over the ooey gooey New York cheesecake. Warning: this may be the

hardest meal to sacrifice.

Appetizer as an entrée – To keep your portion sizes in check, order an appetizer as your meal

instead. Sometimes these smaller portions can really fill you up – and they’re way cheaper!

Grilled, steamed, or broiled – If possible, ask for food to be prepared in a healthier way that’s

anything but fried or sautéed in loads and loads of butter.

How do you stay nutritious at restaurants?

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