Fit to Fly: Travel Friendly Workout Equipment

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Whether you’re spending a week in Bora Bora or a weekend back home with the family,

maintaining your daily workout regimen is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, not all travel

destinations are equipped with five-star gyms or running trails. Don’t sweat it! (Or maybe do…?)

The following exercise pieces are both easy to use and light to pack.


Jump Rope – Who said jump ropes were just for kids? This simple string is a mega calorie

burner and only takes one corner of your room.


Yoga Mat – Rather than rolling, fold your mat flat and lay it on the bottom of your luggage for

maximum surface area.


Resistance Bands -– The most portable toning device out there, resistance bands are flexible

enough to fit in your suitcase, as well as strengthen your muscles!


Pedometer -– Take a stroll by the water, around the city or your office building wearing this tool

and be amazed at how many secret miles you walked during the day.


Fitness DVD’s – Find an empty square of space in your hotel room and pop in Richard

Simmons. The best thing about BYODVD? It’s free!


Laptop – If you’re on a business trip, it’s coming with you anyway. Use your free internet

access to stream exercise videos and download workouts.


What nifty equipment do you pack for vacay – and do you actually use it?

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