Eat This (Not That) After Exercising

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After a powerful pilates session or kick-ass kickboxing class, the first thing your

body needs is some new fuel. Make sure you munch on these healthy items the right way!

Eggs – Scramble, boil, fry or mix ‘em. Eggs are famously loaded with nutrients that will give

your bod a boost after an intense day at the gym. Plus, they go great with just about anything –

veggies, English Muffins, you name it!

Eat This: Veggie omlette & avocado, Egg whites & spinach on a bagel thin

Not That: Benedict Arnold with extra Hollandaise sauce

Meat & Fish – For about an hour after you workout, your body is craving some serious

nutrients. After all, you just burnt a lot off! Protein packs the biggest punch and we all know

what meat and fish are famous for. Pair them with some yummy veggies and you’ve got

yourself a meal.

Eat This: Grilled chicken and mixed veggies, Salmon with sweet potato

Not That: Super-sized cheeseburger… with fries

Fruit & Yogurt – Now don’t panic when I say this, but fruits contain carbohydrates. Don’t

worry, not the kind that’ll stick to your booty (c’mon you just ran three miles, this is way different

than a bag of chips) but the kind that’ll help rebuild your damaged muscles. Most fruit pairs

nicely with yogurt so you can get a shot of dairy in too. Think smoothies!

Eat This: Bananas & peanut butter, Greek yogurt & blueberries

Not That: Chocolate-covered strawberries and that yogurt dip that’s actually just frosting. You

know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

Whole Grains – Pairing protein with carb after a workout is a great way to recharge. Whole

grains are substantial and will help you feel full. Protein has amino acids, which will help build

Eat This: Whole grain pita and hummus, tuna on whole wheat bread

Not That: A refined bag of spicy buffalo wheat thins

What’s your favorite post-workout snack?

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