7 Secrets to a Sounder Snooze

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Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves catching some solid Z’s. And not just on sick days

or in your car on lunch break, but every night! Clocking in a full six – eight hours can be tricky if

you’re always studying, working, or juggling a family. But with a few easy adjustments to your

daily and nightly routines, you’ll be sound asleep without counting sheep!

Turn Off Technology -– Melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle, is hindered by

light exposure. So don’t forget to turn off the boob tube before you drift off (Revenge can and

will wait patiently on your DVR), as well as your laptop and cell phone for a pitch-black boudoir.

Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday – Just like our minds thrive on routine, as do our bodies.

For an awesome bedtime calculator, check out sleepyti.me!

Avoid Late-Night Snacking – Food gives us energy. Obviously, your body doesn’t need much

energy for sleeping. Plus, if you’re not active after you eat, where do you think all those calories

are going to settle? Bet you just put that brownie down, huh?

Quit Smoking – Nicotine, like caffeine, is a stimulant, meaning it keeps you up and ready

for action. Smokers are also known to wake up more often throughout the night from nicotine


Exercise – Simple: the tougher you train, the more tired you’ll be!

Lower the Heat – Save money on your heat bill when you lower the thermostat for slumber.

Setting a cooler temperature for nighttime is best because our bodies function better in a calm

state when it’s cold. Just pile up the covers!

What Happens in Bed, Stays in Bed – If you do your work, taxes, and eating all from your

bed, it becomes viewed as less a place of relaxation and more a place for chores. Keep the bed

known for what it’s made for: sleeping and sexy time.

How do you prioritize beauty sleep into your busy life?

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