6 Tips You MUST Know to Successfully Train for a Half- Marathon

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Back in middle school, the day everyone had to run the dreaded mile was, well, dreadful. But

now, running is cool. You might even say it’s trendy.


Marathons and 5K race (3.1 miles) events are everywhere – and for good reason. Running

through mud, paint-filled cannons, even crazy actors dressed up like zombies are super fun

and healthy ways to stay in shape! Plus, have you seen how adorable running shoes have



If you’ve mastered the 5K and are looking for a new challenge, why not sign up for a half

marathon (13.1 miles)? Sure, tacking on ten extra miles to your usual three sounds extreme

now, but with proper training and many weeks to prepare, you’ll be earning your neon Nikes’

money back in no time.


Before you lace up, check out these helpful tips to keep you on your A-game when your mind

starts screaming at you to just lay down.


1. Drink Plenty of Water


When you’re out there sweating your booty off, you’re losing a lot of precious fluids. Rehydrate

your body by drinking water (or sports drinks) frequently throughout the day. Not only is

collapsing on the track scary and dangerous but, hello! Embarrassing!



2. Eat a Balanced Diet


You may think that because you’re working out all the time you can guzzle down a pizza,

sundae, and cheeseburger every single day. Though you’re burning enough calories to eat junk

food galore, just think about all of the “nutrients” your body is taking in when you order extra

Mayo on that wrap. High sodium and saturated fats aren’t going to help you reach the finish




3. Rest Only Once a Week


Sounds like nothin’ but you’ll thank yourself later! Download new music and get excited to get

moving each day. As a wise coach of mine once said, it takes six weeks to get in shape, 24

hours to get out of it.


4. It’s All About the Shoes


There are multiple factors that determine how often you should switch up your sneaks. For

example, how many miles you run per week, your weight, and your stride. But as a general

rule, you should be trading in your old soles every 6-12 months. A decent (and cute!) pair of

sneakers can be pricy but beats pounding the pavement on worn out, non-cushioned ones.

Find some good arches before you feel pain in your knees and shins.



5. Sttreeeetttttcchhhh


The number one way to prevent injuries is to stretch your muscles both before and after a long

run. Pay attention to your glutes, calves and hamstrings. No one’s ever heard of a sore winner!



6. Ready, Set, Goal!


Create a training schedule and stick to it! Feel a sense of accomplishment each day when you

check workouts off your list. Keep a journal of how you feel, read health and fitness magazines

for tips and advice, and find running partners to keep you motivated. Because in the end,

running a half marathon is all mind over matter.

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